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Capital Grey started a long time ago when I began making songs after a few years of practicing guitar religiously. I tried putting a band together several times but nothing seemed to work for a while. Somewhere along the way of a hundred or so Craigslist posts, I met a few people that came and went. Danny stuck with me for a while and we managed to record "Paint the Town" together which was a very cool experience though also very difficult as we were trying to put a release together by ourselves. We played some shows and then Danny needed a break from this stuff. So I recorded the new EP by myself which turned out to be much quicker and easier than the first time around. More recordings will be coming soon, and that's where we're at.

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Reaching into the dense and eclectic tastes of the 60's for inspiration, Capital Grey manages to mold their tracks into a colorful collage of fresh sounds beaming with complexities that are hard to catch listening the first time around. BBC Radio's Sean Rowley exclaims "Capital Grey are a sort of Magical Mystery Tour era sort Beatles-sounding Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd", confirming that "they've got it going on in a psychedelic pop sort of way and they do it rather well". Their new self-titled EP "Capital Grey" has taken a new twist on their signature sound, infusing their classic influences with a shot of four-to-the-floor dance rhythms that suppose what their retro idols would have been playing if they'd been thrown into the 21st century.

Currently unsigned, the band is taking offers for label support, eager to expand wider and further to their fans. But that doesn't mean the group hasn't taken a load of tricks out of the DIY playbook, they're managing their own sales through services like Tunecore and Bandcamp, even opting to oversee their own customized web presence at capitalgrey.com as well as embracing new social networking trends and promotional avenues.

Capital Grey are only at the beginning at what looks to be a prolific career in serving rock music that's got its standards rooted in the classic period of greats such as The Beatles and Pink Floyd. With more recordings in the planning stages, Capital Grey's ready for the ever-springing opportunities and challenges that the currently shifting paradigms of the music industry bring, and they're in it for the long term.