Pumped Up Kicks (The Radio Edit)

So this song with the catchy whistling and nice chorus has been on the radio for a while now. But somewhere along the line, apparently they made an edited version of the song that omits the words “bullet” and “gun” from the song. I find several things wrong with this:

1. It literally changes the melody of the most important part of the song. I mean, it’s okay to bleep out a word here and there but it’s neutering the very music itself when you take out a portion of the chorus melody. Couldn’t they have put any sort of substitute in there just to finish the melody off right? Even just mumbling on pitch? It all seems very half finished and as if no one even cared to make a proper radio edit version. Why didn’t they just rerecord the chorus with a few words changed in it?

2. Was it really necessary to censor anything in the first place? Turn on your television during primetime and there’s a chance you might see someone’s full exposed, bloody cadaver if CSI: Miami happens to be on. Apparently, that’s okay for children to watch but one little mention of weapons in the context of some thought-provoking, controversial lyrics and it’s “CHILDREN, COVER YOUR EARS!”. Which brings me to the third point…

3. It shows just how little anyone in the industry cares about an artist expressing his or her thoughts. The strange thing is that stations still embraced playing the song even if it had this major defect of talking about taboo things like guns and bullets, which is kind of high maintenance in terms of having to censor it and deal with that. It also doesn’t bother them that they’re playing a song whose lyrics make absolutely no sense anymore. “You better run, better run, faster than my.” Faster than your what? If they cared so much about the taboo lyrics, why didn’t they just not play the song in the first place?

*Sigh* Yet another reason to stop listening to traditional radio.