Recognized by the Grammy Awards

Just learned that I’ve been recognized by the Recording Academy for 2 songs!¬†Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for “Paint the Town” as well as “The Way the Wind Blows”! Now all we have to do is hope that Coldplay and Katy Perry somehow fall out of favor with the NARAS members.

Remastered Album Out on iTunes

We have decided to rerelease our first 2 EP’s in a special bundle set that has received a new mastering as well as a new tracklisting for the songs. The new album is available now on iTunes. We think the first EP was definitely in need of a modern touch, you’ll notice that the mixes feel less old, and are even a bit louder.

Dig in! .

New San Diego Reader Article on Second EP

Dave Good has written an article on us in the San Diego Reader about the progress (and drama!) that surrounds our group. You will see mentions of how the second EP was recorded among references to deers. It’s a good read, thanks Dave and thank you San Diego Reader!

Made Tunecore Blog’s New Music Tuesday

I’m proud to announce Tunecore has featured our music on their own blog. The feature “New Music Tuesday” goes through some of the releases that are completely new and picks some of the standouts, one of which this week was “Capital Grey”. Thanks Tunecore!

Second EP Released, Available on iTunes

So the second EP is finally out in the “great wide open” as Tom Petty would say. I love listening to it myself, there’s some valuable stuff to be heard. Stand out tracks are probably Dream of April 10th and In the Sun, or at least my favorites. On to recording more stuff!

Redesign Site Launch, EP Out Next Tuesday

Exciting time, the website is finally finished. Took some features out, put some new ones in. Most importantly however is the new EP which will be released next week. I think it turned out well, I think I mixed and mastered it pretty well. I personally enjoy listening to it even after hearing no less than 1,000 repetitions of the same songs over and over again. Alas, that is the game of audio engineering.

New Music and Site Redesign Coming Soon

Hey people, a new EP is coming very soon as well as a website revamp so stay tuned! The new release will be appropriately titled “Capital Grey” with an accompanying edgy new look to the website. There were more than a few cobwebs that needed to be cleaned up in the code so I decided to scrap it and start with a clean site. Just like starting over. Dance vibes are coming soon!

We’re a Music Xray Featured Artist

More press! We’re now a Music Xray Featured Artist. Did an interview with Victoria Davis of Music Xray, we talk about things like the group’s roots, live show, our BBC play, and even our age! It’s a must read if you like how I talk.

Preparing for new CD

So we’re testing out new songs, trying things. We’re going to be recording again soon, it’s very exciting. The new release is going to be a mix of dance, rock, metal, a bunch of stuff. We decided that recording new music is the most important thing right now so that’s what we’re focusing on.